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Social Liaison

Vision for Contributing to and Cooperating with Society

  • 1) To contribute to both local development and wider industrial development through cooperation among the government, industry, and academia
  • 2) To conduct region-oriented research and foster talented individuals who can contribute to local development
  • 3) To promote lifelong learning and re-educate members of society

Ranked as No.1 in University's Local Contribution Ranking in Three Consecutive Years

Shinshu University has been ranked top overall for the fourth year running after 2012, 2013 and 2014 in the Survey of Degree of Contribution to Local Community by National Universities conducted by the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Regional Economy.

Lifelong Learning Services

Classes Open to the Local Community

Within the all general lectures (School of General Education and 8 faculties) the students take every year, about 1000 are open to the public. We have almost 400 attendants each year combining the first and the second semesters.

Public Programs for Local Citizens

With the requests from public facilities and organizations such as community centers, lifelong learning facilities, and schools, the teachers of our university go out to different locations within Nagano prefecture to offer 130 lectures per year with about 10,000 attendants in total.

Broadcasting Extension Courses

These are televised courses that anyone can view and do not require any educational materials.

Extension Courses

These are extension courses for the general public that cater to local residents. The university offers courses for a variety of people ranging from elementary school students to the elderly.

Other (seminars and individual lectures in various fields)

Extension courses for the general publicVarious

Extension courses for the general publicVarious

Outline of Open Classes for Local Citizens
Outline of Open Classes for Local Citizens

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