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Nagano-Education Campus


6-Ro, Nishinagano, Nagano City 380-8544

International Arrivals

International Arrivals

Access Map

Access MapGoogle Map

Kawanakajima Bus
Come out of the Zenkoji exit of Nagano station, take one of the following Kawanakajima buses from the No.1 bus stop: 1 for Zenkoji daimon; 2 for Uki via Zenkoji; 3 for Wakatsuki Higashi jyo via Zenkoji and Saijyo; 4 for Wakatsuki Higashi jyo via Zenkoji and Wakatsuki danchi.

Gururin go Bus
From the No.4 bus stop at the Zenkoji exit of JR Nagano station, take the circular "Gururin go (about 10 mins.)", and get off at "Shindai kyouikugakubu mae" and walk about one minute.

Campus Map

Campus Map
  • 1Center for Research on Innovative Learning
  • 2Middle Building
  • 3East Building
  • 4Lecture Building
  • 5North Building
  • 6Educational Library
  • 7Welfare Facilities
  • 8First Gymnasium
  • 9Student Union
  • 10Indoor Swimming Pool
  • 11Archery Hal
  • 12Shinanoki Hall
  • 13West Building
  • 14Northwest Building (Counseling Center)
  • 15Second Gymnasium

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