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As applicable to independent administrative corporations, Shinshu University abides by the principles of the [Public Disclosure Law] and will make available to the public information that it holds.



In accordance with the principle of the law of public disclosure, the University will provide information about its various operations and will strive for greater disclosure and transparency.

2.Defining the limits of corporate documents

Corporate documents refer to documents, drawings, or electromagnetic records created or obtained by employees in the course of their duties and held by the University as an organization.

3.Corporate documents of Shinshu University

Corporate documents filing system (Japanese version only)
Documents held by Shinshu University are searchable.

4.Right to request disclosure

Any individual may request the disclosure of corporate documents.

5.Limits of disclosure

In principle, any document, other than corporate documents that contain information or corporations and that are listed for non-disclosure in Article 5 of the Public Disclosure Law, is available for disclosure. For details, please see here (Public Disclosure Law) (Japanese version only).


6.Procedure for requesting disclosure

Please fill out the [requesting disclosure form] and present it at the public disclosure counter. (See line 12).
You can also download the form and save it to your computer.
PDFRequesting disclosure form (PDF:24KB) (Japanese version only)


Disclosure requests and implementation of disclosure will incur fees.(The fees will be collected at the time you submit the disclosure request).

A detailed fee schedule is set by Administrative Organs Information Disclosure Law Cabinet Order according to the type of document requested to be disclosed and the method of disclosure. The main fees are as follows:

To view documents

100 yen per every 100 pages

Photocopies of documents

black & white, A-4 size 10 yen per page. Color, A-4 size, 20 yen per page.

The first 300 yen will be waived. Fees will be collected for anything beyond 300 yen.

8.Decision to disclose/non-disclose

The decision to make or refuse the disclosure will be made within 30 days after the disclosure request. The requester will be notified of the decision in writing.

9.Appealing a decision

It is possible to make an appeal against a decision to refuse disclosure or against partial disclosure.

10.Relevant laws

Ministry of Home Affairs homepage

Administrative Organs Information Disclosure Law (Japanese version only)

Administrative Organs Information Disclosure Law Cabinet Order (Japanese version only)

11.Procedures for requesting disclosure

No Filename(All files are in Japanese.) Download
1 信州大学情報公開取扱要項 PDFPDF(22MB)
  同別表 PDFPDF(21MB)
  同別紙様式 PDFPDF(65MB)
2 信州大学法人文書取扱要項 PDFPDF(20MB)
  同別紙様式 PDFPDF(32MB)
3 信州大学情報公開に関する開示・不開示の審査基準 PDFPDF(19MB)


Shinshu University Division of General Affairs

Address: 3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto city 390-8621


※As a convenience to those requesting a disclosure, we have set up one central office that will forward disclosure requests to the Education, Science, Agriculture, and Textile Faculties. If you live near the faculties, you may submit a disclosure request directly to their offices.

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