On March 19, 2017, Takehiro Sakai, a first year student in the Shinshu University Graduate School of Science and Technology Department of Engineering's Electrical and Computer Engineering Division, along with Associate Professor Osamu Takyu of the same division, Assistant Professor Keiichiro Shirai, Associate Professor Fumihito Sasamori and Professor Shiro Handa, were honored with the Best Paper Award at the International Workshop on Smart Spectrum (IWSS). This workshop was part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2017 (IEEE WCNC 2017).

The winning paper was titled Data Tracking Using Frequency Offset and SIC for Physical Wireless Conversion Sensor Networks. It proposed a new wireless communication method for the wireless infrastructures that support Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which have become the center of widespread attention in recent years.