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International Student Report (Chen Xi, CHINA)

Name: Chen Xi

Course: Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Country/Region of Citizenship: China

1. What brought you to Shinshu University?

First of all, to be honest, being a graduate student has been my dream for a long time. And Shinshu University has a great reputation and a beautiful campus.

Secondly, this university has a highly qualified faculty, rigorous academic style, and good academic atmosphere. I came here because I thought I could learn a lot and make further progress towards my dream.

2. How did you prepare for studying in Japan (Nagano)?

画像2.jpgAfter I decided to come to Japan, I immediately enrolled in a Japanese language class and took the N2 test after about three months of study. Therefore, I applied to Shinshu University with the N2 score, sent an email to a professor, and submitted the research plan. Fortunately, I passed.

I also had to prepare some things for daily life in a new environment. Nagano is very beautiful in winter, but it is very cold. I think you need to prepare sweaters before coming!

3. How is your life at Shinshu University?

The school campus is like a park full of trees and flowers. There is a wide range of courses.

画像3.jpgThen the Japanese diet is very healthy, and the environment, needless to say, is very clean. I have sensitive skin, and when I arrived in Japan I had a little acne on my face. Now my skin is very smooth.

It is lucky for me to have encountered many learned and patient teachers.

Then I think one of the reasons why I have a better experience studying in Japan is that the professors are very gentle. Japanese professors don't give people the feeling of distance. They love teaching, and they love hearing student feedback about the course. And you can talk to them about life, troubles and so on. It has been a great learning experience.

In a completely unfamiliar country, I have been able to overcome the language barrier, live independently, and conquer inner loneliness.

4. What do you do in your free time?

画像4.jpgIn my spare time, I travel all over the country and have been to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hokkaido and so on. There is a natural hot spring near the school, and I go there when I have time.

In addition, the shopping in Japan is very convenient. And I have a part-time job. One month's living income plus part-time income can greatly improve the quality of one's life. It makes me feel good about the experience. Some things that I thought were very expensive before are now affordable for me.

5. What is your future plan after graduation?

After graduation, I want to make good use of the high quality education I have received here. I want to integrate it with the solid education I received at home and with new educational resources and technological advancements.

I may live abroad for a while to continue to learn about exotic cultures and local customs and to develop close friendships. When I return home, I plan to take on a part-time job as a docent at school. I want to apply what I have learned and also hope to use my storytelling skills and good memory to become a successful teacher.

6. Message to the prospective students

ChenXi_5.jpgThe biggest things I learned from studying at Shinshu University are not only academic. I have also experienced the difference between China's test-taking education and international education and have been exposed to foreign ways of thinking.

The biggest gain must be a new mode of thinking, with more objective and rational ideas and ways of doing things. I have developed the ability and courage to think on my own, to make autonomous judgments, and to express my own ideas.

In short, at Shinshu University, you can learn languages, earn diplomas, and make acquaintances and friends. Plus, be sure to see the four seasons change in Nagano.

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