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International Student Report (Jiang Ran, CHINA)

Name: Jiang Ran

Course: Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Country/Region of Citizenship: China

1. What brought you to Shinshu University?

Because my goal is to become a teacher, I want to learn things related to education in school. While searching for schools, I learned about Shinshu University and it appealed to me. I was very interested in the program and wanted to study it in depth. I learned about Nagano City, where the Faculty of Education is located, and after learning about Nagano City and being convinced that I liked it very much, I took the entrance examination. I passed it and started my study life at Shinshu University.

2. How did you prepare for studying in Japan (Nagano)?

It is necessary to be able to communicate in Japanese for daily life, and schools basically stipulate that the applicant should have the appropriate level of Japanese as a condition for admission.

Therefore, before I entered the university, I studied Japanese for two years and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with an N1 level.

3. How is your life at Shinshu University?

JiangRan_2.jpgSo far I have experienced one year of study at Shinshu University. I think this year has been great.

First of all, I am surrounded by very kind teachers and classmates, who are very eager to help me and help me to improve my Japanese language skills.

Also, unlike Tokyo, Nagano is a very quiet and beautiful city, so it is very suitable for me to calm down and devote myself to my favorite field of study.

4. What do you do in your free time?

In addition to daily academic life, there is a lot of free time. In my own free time, what I will often do is to stay at home and watch my favorite movies, and occasionally meet up with friends for a dinner date.

There are a lot of beautiful natural spots around Nagano, so I also go out and travel. There are also a lot of well-known skiing spots around Nagano City, which makes it very convenient to go out and try to do sports even in winter.

5. What is your future plan after graduation?

My goal is to become a teacher.

I have learned a lot about education during my studies.It has been a great experience for me to learn with my classmates about the differences in education methods and systems from my own country. I believe that this learning experience will help me to become a teacher.

JiangRan_4.jpg6. Message to the prospective students

Shinshu University's Faculty of Education offers a great opportunity to learn specialized knowledge, and the faculty and students here are very kind and welcoming. In addition, Nagano City, where the Faculty of Education is located, is a very peaceful and scenic city. If you come to Shinshu University, you will receive a great education in a beautiful and friendly environment.

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