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Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) with Uppsala University

Faculty of Education at Shinshu University offers a series of English-taught subjects titled "Education in Global Perspectives" (1-3 credits) as part of an international agreement with Department of Education at Uppsala University in Sweden.

In November 2023, Associate Professor Stina Hallsén from Department of Education at Uppsala University visited Shinshu University. She delivered guest lectures to first-year undergraduate students at Matsumoto campus and to second-year (and above) undergraduate students at Nagano Education campus. Dr. Hallsén is an expert in researching teacher education policy in Sweden and has previously served as a teaching director of the teacher training program at Uppsala University, where she received recognition as a best teacher. Leveraging her extensive experience, she provided students with an overview of Swedish education system, the structure and reality of teacher training, and how it compares to the Japanese system. The lecture and subsequent Q&A session were conducted in English via online connection with students from Uppsala University. Following the lecture, the audience posed numerous questions, with particular interest in topics such as inclusive education in regular classrooms, the promotion of democratic values, strategies to address teacher shortages, and content of teaching practice. This opportunity allowed students to explore the differences and similarities between the curriculum for teacher training in Japan and Sweden from a broader perspective.

Furthermore, a faculty member from Faculty of Education at Shinshu University delivered a guest lecture at Uppsala University in December.

The Faculty of Education at Shinshu University actively engages in three COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) activities, which include online school visit to various countries (e.g., Hong Kong, Thailand, Mongolia), teaching exchanges with faculty members at Uppsala University, and school practices in Sweden.


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