DEGITal Drawing: An innovative challenge for drawing skill development in art education

Takashi Nagai (3rd year at Interdisciplinary Graduate school of Science and Technology), Takayuki Sakimoto (2nd year at Graduate school of Science and Technology), and Professor Mizue Kayama (Faculty of Engineering) won second prize in the 2nd e-Learning Awards at the 16th European Conference on e-Learning.

The prize-winning paper, titled DEGITal Drawing: An Innovative Challenge for Drawing Skill Development in Art Education, is the results of a joint research carried out on drawing?instruction support in art education, collaborating with the art college study-abroad course, Japan College of Foreign Language.

The e-Learning Awards were chosen among 53 papers from 24 countries. Judges narrowed those down to 14 finalists. The finalists gave presentations at Charles University, Prague on October 27th. Prizes were awarded to the top three finalists and Nagai’s group won the second.

A photograph of Nagai accepting the award is on the following web page