• About ICCER


The Second Phase of the
Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research

The ICCER institutes and centers were created with the mission to tackle issues faced in the unfolding anthropocene. As the magnitude of matters need bold, new, ground-breaking solutions, there was the acknowledgement of a need for creative fusion, direction and a collaboration of fields to address the affairs of the future. The cluster was reorganized to bring similar disciplines together, and to add a Research Center for Social Systems to implement the latest and emerging techniques and technologies.

The reorganization of ICCER produced three research institutes and research center groups: the Research Initiative for Supra-Materials, the Institute for Biomedical Sciences and the Research Center for Social Systems, the The Institute for Fiber Engineering, the Institute for Mountain Science and the Research Center For Aerospace Systems.

The mission of the institutes are as follows:
1) To lead the academic frontiers of the world.
2) To make full use of data science to create value in the future for society.
3) To become a platform for open innovation.
4) Create a challenging new academic area that can serve as the backbone to the next generation of Shinshu University.

The mission of the Research Centers for Specific Areas are:
1) To nurture distinctive research that should be maintained and developed for the future.
2) Trigger innovation based on research in specialized areas.
3) Serve as the mothership for educational programs that make full use of the characteristics and strengths of Shinshu University.
4) To foster extraordinary work of young researchers who will lead the next generation of Shinshu University.

The achievements and resolves from the first-generation ICCER will be drawn on to refine the distinctive research of Shinshu University. ICCER will continue working to compete with the world's leading research groups, proposing to create a new integrated research discipline.

ICCER proudly presents six institutes and centers