Shinshu University



Department of Bioscience and Textile Technology
(Doctoral Program)

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology

Application Closed

Schedule for Admissions (International Fiber Engineering Course, Special Selection)

Admission Time
April 2012
October 2012
Number of Students to
be Accepted
A few
A few
Announcement of Application
(on our webpage)
Late in July 2011
Late in October 2011
Period for Application Acceptance
August 22
– September 16, 2011
November 22
– December 16, 2011
Period for Screening
September 22
– October 19, 2011
December 19, 2011
– January 18, 2012
Announcement of
Successful Applicants
October 28, 2011
at 11a.m.
January 27, 2012
at 11a.m.
Period for Admission Procedure
October 28
– December 8, 2011
January 27
– February 24, 2012
(to submit an “Acceptance of Offer”)
  1. These guidelines are for October 2012 admission of International Fiber Engineering Course in the Departmentof Bioscience and Textile Technology. General and working studentsí selections for the department will be conducted in different schedules. For their schedules, please refer to the guidelines that will be announced separately.
  2. Applicants are requested to download blank application forms from our website, fill out the forms with necessary information and send them to the admission office by postal mail. Applicants are required to pay the entrance examination fee before they submit the completed documents to the admission office.
  3. Application is considered to be accepted when the admission office has confirmed receipt of all the necessary application documents and payment of the entrance examination fee. After the confirmation,the admission office notifies all applicants of completion of application by e-mail.
  • Applicants are required to have one of the following English Language Ability score sheet copy as an evidence. (TOEIC,TOEFL or IELTS) Please take one of those exams to provide score before you apply for this course. Further, CET (College English Test) will not be acknowledged for this course.
    Also, If you are a native English speaker, or English is an official language in your country, there is no need to provide scores.

Admission Guidelines

1 About Doctoral Program

Shinshu University has The “International Fiber Engineering course” corresponding to the Global COE program. ( Lectures are delivered in English by inviting leading international researchers from overseas. Students need to write doctoral thesis in English.


2 Qualification

Those who wish to take this course must have a master’s degree or a professional master’s degree.


  1. Applicants must find, prior to application, an advisor from our List of Advisors who will serve as a research advisor.

3 How to Apply

  1. Application Materials
    Please prepare the following documents and send to our admission office indicated below.
    Please mail the documents by EMS(Express Mail Service) when applying from overseas.
    When sending documents from inside the Japan, please use Express Registered Mail and write “Enclosing Application for Doctoral Program of Graduate School on the envelope in red ink.
  1. Supporting Materials
    Please send the following supporting materials to our admission office directly. These must be official documents stamped, prepared and signed by the university President or the dean of the faculty and must be sealed in an official envelope. Note that all supporting materials must be received by the admission office before the application deadline.
    1. Official Transcripts
      Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate schools attended
    2. Certificate of Graduation(or Expected Completion)
      • Official certificate of the conferment of master's degree.
      • Type of master’s degree conferred must be stated on your certificate.
      • Applicants who are expected to be conferred the master’s degree by the end of September 2012 need to submit a certificate of expected completion.
    3. Copy of Passport
      • For identification purpose a copy of the page (s) of your passport showing your name and photo is required.
      • If you are a resident alien in Japan and have an Alien Registration Card, please submit a copy of your alien registration card.

■Please send all application and supporting materials to:
Global COE Admission Office
Department of Bioscience and Textile Technology
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology,
Shinshu University;
3-15-1, Tokida, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, 386-8567, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)268-21-5320 Fax: +81-(0)268-21-5317

4 Selection

Selection will be based on submitted documents, letters of recommendation, and oral examination.

5 Announcement of Admissions

The screening result will be posted on our web site on Friday, January 27, 2012 at11:00 A.M. (Japan Time) and a letter of acceptance will be sent to successful applicants.

6 Tuition and Fees

  1. The following admission fee and tuition are required to enroll in the graduate program.
    Admissions Fee                        282,000 Japanese Yen
    Tuition      First semester         267,900 Japanese Yen
                      Second semester    267,900 Japanese Yen
  2. Admissions fee is not refundable.
  3. For students with difficulties in paying admissions fee and/or tuition, a tuition waiver and postponement program is available.

List of Advisors

Department of Bioscience and Textile Technology

Technology of Bioscience

Subjects Professors(campus)
Plant Molecular Cell Biology
Topics in plant molecular biology
Masayuki Nozue
Associate Professor
Masahiro Nogawa
Molecular Technology of Bioresource Professor
Nobuaki Hayashida
Assistant Professor
Takaomi Nomura
Plant Functional genomics Associate Professor
Hideo Matsumura
Microbial Resource Engineering Professor
Makoto Shimosaka
Gene Regulation for Protein and Biomaterial Production
Molecular Recognition of Biopolymers
Topics in Microbiology
Associate Professor
Toshio Shida
Associate Professor
Hiroki Yamamoto
Biofiber of Aquatic Insects
Bioresource Technology for Environment
Kimio Hirabayashi
Associate Professor
Hiroshi Moriwaki

Topics in Silkworm Physiology and Behavior
Topics in Insect Science
Rensuke Kanekatsu
Associate Professor
Koji Shirai
Spider Silk Engineering
Silkworm Breeding Technology
Insect Molecular Biology
Masao Nakagaki
Zenta Kajiura
Associate Professor
Kunihiro Shiomi
Enzyme Technology Professor
Yoshihiko Amano
Assistant Professor
Masahiro Mizuno
Topics in Enzymatic Function and Science Associate Professor
Kouichi Nozaki
Basic and Applied Molecular Biology Associate Professor
Masakazu Kataoka
Reproductive Technology
Reproductive Physiology
Shinichi Hochi
Associate Professor
Ken Kimura
Insect Biopolymer Science Professor
Tsukada Masuhiro
Topics in Plant Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Associate Professor
Goro Taguchi
Topics in Plant Productivity Associate Professor
Tomoaki Horie
Evolutionary computation Associate Professor
Yoshiyuki Matsumura

Functional Fiber Technology

Subjects Professors(campus)
Nano Fiber Engineering
Soft Matters
Hanabusa Kenji
Associate Professor
Masahiro Suzuki
Supramolecular Functional Fiber Associate Professor
Mutsumi Kimura
Organic Synthesis for Material Science
Sythetic Methodology
Associate Professor
Tetsuya Fujimoto
Associate Professor
Yoshinori Nishii
Coloration and Finishing Professor
Kunihiro Hamada
Spinning Technology
Fiber Assemblies Engineering
Yo-ichi Matsumoto
Associate Professor
Limin Bao
Polymer Physics
Fiber Structure
Yutaka Ohkoshi
Associate Professor
toshihisa tanaka
Silk Science
System Engineering for Filature Process
Mikihiko Miura
Hideaki Morikawa
Applied Silk Formation Science Associate Professor
Takahiko Nishioka
Bioprocess for Natural Polymer Synthesis Associate Professor
Kousaku Ohkawa
Polymer Chemistry
Bio-nanofiber Science
Yoshihiro Itoh
Associate Professor
Yuichi Hirata
Tsutomu Ishiwatari
Yarn Production Technology Unassigned
Nonwovens Technology Unassigned
Knitting Technology Unassigned
Analysis of systems engineering
for biological function
Bai Lun

Smart Materials Science and Technology

Subjects Professors(campus)
Functions of Biomedical Polymers Professor
Koji Abe

Associate Professor
Akira Teramoto
Associate Professor
Yoshiro Ogoma
Biomaterial Engineering Professor
Toshihiro Fujii
Nano Composite Professor
Qing-Qing Ni
Functional of Materials and Compound Design Associate Professor
Toshiaki Natsuki
Nano Fusion Materials Associate Professor
Smart Fiber Professor
Toshihiro Hirai
Semiconducting Polymer Science Associate Professor
Musubu Ichikawa
Materials Engineering Professor
Kazuchika Ohta
Photonic and Electronic Fiber Associate Professor
Toshiki Koyama
Associate Professor
Masashi Watanabe
Fiber Composite Professor
Jiro Motoyoshiya
Protection Textiles Unassigned

Kansei Manufacturing System Engineering

Subjects Professors(campus)
Kansei Design of Textile Products Professor
Yoshio Shimizu
Weaving Technology
Fiber Product Design
Masayuki Takatera
Associate Professor
Shigeru Inui
Kansei Evaluation Method Professor
Toyonori Nishimatu
Kansei Measurement Engineering Professor
Msayoshi Kamijo
Image Processing Professor
Minoru Hashimoto
Mechatronics Associate Professor
Tkakashi Kawamura
Management of Technology
Kansei Product Development
Takao Abe
Associate Professor
Satoshi Hosoya
Biofluid Dynamics A
Biofluid Dynamics B
Hirohisa Morikawa
Syunichi Kobayashi
Solid Biomechanics Associate Professor
Michihiko Koseki
Topics on Biorobotics Professor
Atsushi Nishikawa
Instrumentation and Measurement of KANSEI and Biologic Function Senior Assistant Professor
Hiroyuki Kanai
Kansei Evaluation of Product Associate Professor
Hiroaki Yoshida

Advanced Material Technology

Subjects Professors(campus)
Development Engineering of Advanced Fiber Materials Visiting Professor
Kanji Kajiwara

Smart Device Technology (AIST)

Subjects Professors(campus)
Smart Device Technology Visiting Professor
Atsushi Saito
Visiting Professor
Kinji Asaka
Visiting Professor
Katsuhiko Sakagami

Subjects Professors(campus)
Supply Chain Management Unassigned
Intellectual Property Management Unassigned
Advanced Course in Chemistry for Innovation Professor
Takao Abe
Science and Technology Policy Professor
Kunihiro Hamada