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Course Outline

Course Outline


Shinshu University Global COE has established "International Center of Excellence on Fiber Engineering" for the students in the "Department of Bioscience and Textile Technology" and other students attending Ueda Campus for the purpose of being an international hub for research, education, and human resources in the discipline of "Fiber Engineering." Moreover, it aims at fostering excellent young researchers who are world-leading in the field of fiber engineering. Students who complete the course subjects are conferred with a Certificate in addition to a doctoral degree certificate.


We strive to establish an education and research center to foster talented young researchers and engineers who can demonstrate an international leadership in the fiber engineering filed. In order to achieve our goal, we have implemented and improved our fiber engineering curriculum, which encompasses the pursuit of ultimate molecular structures, creation of higher-order complex functionality, creation of human sensibility system, technologies to evaluate final products, and fiber technology management.