Kansei Mnufacturung System Engineering

Profesor Minoru Hashimoto


Development of KANSEI Communication Robot °»Kamin°…

Facial expression plays a vital role in daily communication. The affluence and affinity of facial expression is vital in introducing robots into everyday use. Among robots developed that express facial expression, but most existing robots have limited expression. We propose robotic facial expression using a curved surface display. An image of the robot's face is displayed on a curved screen to form a facial expression easily compared to other mechanical facial expression. The curved surface gives the face a three-dimensional effect due to not possible using a plane image. The face robot has a neck to move the head. We detail the domed display, compensation for image distortion, and the drawing of shadow images indicating the direction of a light source. Experiments confirmed the effectiveness of our proposal.°°We are studying the communication technique for this facial expression robot °»Kamin°….

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