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Doctoral Students and Young Researcherís project Research Theme


  Research Theme Member of the Group
(group leader with o)
1 Elucidation of synthesis and modification mechanisms on cell surface ○Tatsuya Fukushima (Assistant Prof.), I Putu Sudiarta (D2)
2 Study on measurement and simulation for usability of products ○Yosuke Horiba (Assistant Prof.), Hiroaki Yoshida (Assistant Prof.), Euichul Kwon (D2)
3 Development of the fundamental technology for finishing of the nanofiber nonwoven fabric by ink-jet printing ○Yuichi Hirata (Assistant Prof.), Park Juyoung (D2), Zhou Jian (D1), Eri Yoshida (D3)
4 Morphological analysis of the silk and the net structure, and the analysis of the silk protein biosynthesis mechanism from aquatic insect ○Takaomi Nomura (Assistant Prof.), Eiso Inoue (D3)
5 Study on Potential Ability Utilization of Various Genetic Resource of Mulberry ○Midori Takasaki (Assistant Prof.), Chumchuen Sukunya (D2)
6 The functional analysis of biopolymers and preparation of composites with carbon-nanotube ○Akio Kumagai (D2) Kazuaki Sato (D3), Hiroto Nishijima (D1), Lnxiang Huang (D1), Jin Hee Kim (D1)