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Research and education will unite advanced science and technology in the Faculty of Engineering,with textile science for harmonizing of human feeling and bio-functions with nature in the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology,with food science and green technology in the Faculty of Agriculture,and with fundamental natural science in the Faculty of Science.The system will integrate science and technology from its fundamentals to its most frontier with advanced hardware and software technology.

Department of Bioscience and Textile Technology


Research into sophisticated and diverse functions of living organisms at the organ, tissue, cellular, and molecular levels, and research into functions of ideal fibers in “wearable” science and technology in consideration of harmony with human lifestyles and activities.

Department of Mathematics and System Development


Research and education of sophisticated systems and devices with the purpose of developing devices and systems in harmony with nature, society and individuals.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Study of the nature based on the material science:understanding the fundamental structure and function of the matter,and applying these studies to develop new materials.

Department of Mountain and Environmental Science


Comprehensive research and education, ranging from basic research of environmental change and formation of mountainous regions to applied research of environmental conservation and disaster prevention, while utilizing the geographical location of Shinshu University.

Department of Bioscience and Food Production Science


With the aim of the development of sustainable food production on an environment conservation basis, research into the establishment of innovative systematized techniques for food production based on bioscience.

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