Alumni Association

Shinshu University International Exchange Meetup

With the motto of "International Exchange", we strive to connect more people in relation of Shinshu University across the boundaries of age, faculties and nationalities.


Shinshu University International Alumni Reunion

Alumni Reunion in Japan (-2010)

Overseas Alumni Reunion (-2010)

  • Sep. 2010 In Korea(Seoul) / In China (Beijing, Shanghai)
  • Sep. 2009 In Korea(Seoul)
  • Oct. 2008 In Korea(Seoul)
  • Sep. 2007 In Korea(Seoul)
  • Sep. 2006 In Korea(Seoul)
  • 2005   In Korea(Seoul)

Follow Up Services by JASSO

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) conducts following support services for those who studied in Japan.

  • Follow-up Research Fellowship
  • Japan Alumni Global Network

Detail:Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Website

Register Alumni Database

Since 2005, we encourage international students to enroll in the alumni database upon finishing their course of study, in order to establish a solid network with our international alumni for far-reaching cooperation.

We aim to maintain a close relationship with alumni and provide information on our various subjects and preparation and establishment of an alumni association through newsletters.

Please provide information where applicable

  • Those who finished their course of study before 2004
  • Those who forgot to register upon finishing their course of study
  • Those who need to modify their registered information

You can also sign up for the newsletter by using the form above.
Please help us to encourage your alumni friends to register if he/she is not done yet.