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The 3rd reunion at Shinshu University 2009

The 3rd reunion was held at Matsumoto Campus on October 31(Sat), the same day as the "Ginreisai", There were 32 participants (including 12 international graduates) in the first part of the reunion and 49 participants (including 20 graduates) in the second part.

The first part was started by Prof. Miura's (Trustee, Shinshu University) opening remarks, followed by an international graduate's lecture and an excellent speech of a current international student.

In the 2nd program, after having a toast by Prof. Akahane (Director, International Center), the participants enjoyed renewing old friendships and catching up each others in a friendly atmosphere. Many of the graduates sent their messages and advice to the cureent international students, and there were even a report of engagement among the participants!