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The 1st Shinshu University International Exchange Alumni Reunion (2011.Nov)

On November 26th (Sat) 2011, the 1st Shinshu University International Exchange Alumni Reunion was held in Azumi hall at Matsumoto Campus.

More than 300 international students are currently studying at Shinshu University and the alumni are active in their own country, Japan and all over the world. With this background, Shinshu University International Exchange Alumni Reunion was founded on the day to promote exchange among alumni, current international students, Japanese students and university staffs as well as to support internationalization of Shinshu University by human exchange. The secretariat was established in SUIC.

The president Dr. Yamasawa stated "I am so glad that this organization will stimulate the internationalization of Shinshu University. It's also the place where Japanese students and other students from all over the world can communicate and enhance each other." Professor Akahane, the director of Shinshu University International Center, explained how it progressed to establish the organization.

Mr. Sha Ken (from China), who graduated from the Faculty of Economics and lives in Matsumoto with his family, was elected to the first chairman. He stated "We feel proud of having studied at Shinshu University. We will work together to support each other not to feel alone."

Dr. Miura, the trustee (in charge of International Relations) and vice president, and Dr. Kachi, the chairman of Shinshu University Alumni Reunion, gave speeches. The alumni working in Japan presented how they have been getting along in Japan, and all participants enjoyed chat at their table.

Mintjens Sjaak, an exchange student from the Netherlands, said "It was good to hear the experiences of alumni who work in Japan. It makes me look forward to the future."

The party closed with the "warm handshake" suggested by Mr. Fujimoto, the chairman of Matsumoto International Students Supporting Group that has been supporting international students for many years.