Programs offered by GEC


Shinshu University Exchange Student Program


Students who belong to universities that have student exchange agreements are able to apply for this program. The duration is one semester or one year.


Center for Global Education and Collaboration (GEC) Exchange Student Program

This program is for students who focus on learning Japanese language and culture (inter-university agreements only).
  How to apply for the GEC Exchange Student Program

Also, if you would like to apply for the exchange program and focus on the specialized fields, please contact the respective faculty / graduate school.
  Contact list of faculties / graduate schools


Japanese Studies Student (Nikkensei) Program

This program is for international students to deepen their understanding of Japanese language and culture at Shinshu University with a scholarship from the Japanese government (MEXT).

Shinshu University Japanese Studies Student (Nikkensei) Program
  2023Nikkensei Course Guide (Japanese version only)


Teacher Training Student (Kyokensei) Program


This is a program for international teachers who want to conduct research on school education at Shinshu University with a scholarship from the Japanese government (MEXT). Shinshu University receives international teachers at the Graduate School of Education, in Nagano.


Teacher Training Student (Kyokensei) Program
  2023Kyokensei Course Guide
  2023Kyokensei Advisor List

Japan Studies Intensive Program

This is a semester-long paid program offered exclusively to the universities that has the agreement of this program. Participants can take up to 18 hours of classes per week. They can also participate in various events and trips to experience Japanese culture and society.

For details, please ask from the contact form or the coordinator of your own university if your university has this agreement with Shinshu University.

Shinshu University Special Auditor Student Program

Students, who are nominated by foreign high schools that have agreements of this program with Shinshu University or recommended by foreign high schools are selected and accepted as credit auditor students for one year of preparatory education. After the completion of this program, students can take the "Shinshu University Special Entrance Examination", and those who pass the examination can enroll as Shinshu University undergraduate students.

See the Japanese version page for details.  信州大学特別選抜留学生プログラム(予備教育留学生)