Tuition / Living Cost

1.Application Fee, Admission Fee and Tuition

In order to take an entrance exam, you need to pay an application fee. After you pass the entrance exam and decide to enroll in Shinshu University, you will be admitted after completing the admission fee procedures. You will also need to pay tuition fee in order to take classes.
For details, please check the followings.

Application fee Admission fee Tuition
Undergraduates 17,000 JPY 282,000 JPY 535,800 JPY/year
Graduate Students 30,000 JPY 282,000 JPY 535,800 JPY/year
Research Students 9,800 JPY 84,600 JPY 29,700 JPY/month
Auditing Students 9,800 JPY 28,200 JPY 14,800 JPY/1 credit
Credited Auditors Students 9,800 JPY 28,200 JPY 14,800 JPY/1 credit
Application fee:
To be paid at the time of applying
Admission fee:
To be paid at the time of enrollment
(undergraduate / graduate students) To be paid in two installments every year in May and November.
(research students): It depends on the time of enrollment. Please inquire at the faculty/campus where you will enroll.

Please inquire at the faculty/campus where you will enroll. If you are a graduate of our overseas partner and wish to enter Shinshu University as a research student for a study at the graduate school, application/admission/tuition fee will be waived within one year before entering the university. For further information, please contact the department /campus where you would like to enroll.

2. Admission and Tuition Fee Waiver

Privately-financed international students of undergraduate or graduate school who have difficulty in paying the admission and tuition fee due to financial reasons, can apply for admission and tuition fee waiver. Please note that international students may not always be successful in their applications for tuition waiver. Please prepare sufficient funds for studying in Japan and manage money carefully.

○Application Process Schedule
The Schedule is subject to change.

■1st Semester Tuition
・Distribution of application forms:Late January ~ early February
・Submission of application forms:Late March
・Announcement of results:Application results will be announced on"Campus Information System" in early August

■2nd Semester Tuition
・Distribution of application forms:Late July ~ early August
・Submission of application forms:The end of September
・Announcement of results:Application results will be announced on"Campus Information System" in mid-December.

○Contact information
・Matsumoto Campus -- Student Support Center (1st floor, south building of the School of General Education) -- Tel: 0263-37-2199
・Nagano (Education) Campus -- Tel:026-238-4056
・Nagano (Engineering) Campus -- Tel:026-269-5041
・Ina Campus -- Tel:0265-77-1447
・Ueda Campus -- Tel:0268-21-5500


Scholarships are categorized into 3 broad types: those offered by public organizations such as the Japanese government(MEXT), and those offered by Shinshu University, called "Chi No Mori (Forest of Knowledge:知の森)" or by private sector.

○MEXT Scholarship
 ・MEXT Scholarship (University Recommendation) Information

 ・MEXT Scholarship (Embassy Recommendation) Information

○Scholarships offered by Shinshu University
 ・"Forest of Knowledge Fund (Chi No Mori:知の森 Fund) " a scholarship offered by Shinshu University

○Scholarships offered by the private sector
 ・Scholarships Offered by Private Organizations
   Please check the following links for information on scholarships available at Shinshu University.
   Scholarship外国人留学生向け奨学金・経済支援情報(Japanese version)

Here is a brochure of scholarships available to international students (JASSO).
  Pamphlet "Scholarship for International Students in Japan(JASSO)

4.Approximate Living Costs

The information is an estimation of the monthly expenditure of a reasonably economical international student at Shinshu University. They will vary according to personal taste and lifestyle. The costs in Nagano are lower than those in Tokyo, in general.

Amount (JPY/month)
Books/Supplies ¥2,000 - ¥5,000
Food ¥25,000 - ¥35,000
Rent ¥25,000 - ¥50,000
The cost is ¥4,755 for those moving into the Matsumoto International House, but an initial fee of ¥60,000 is required.
Utility charges ¥10,000 - ¥15,000
Communication expenses
(mobile phone, internet)
¥3,000 - ¥10,000
Commuting expenses ¥500 - ¥1,500 (Mostly by bike / walk)
Insurance and medical fee ¥3,000
Hobby and Entertainment ¥5,000 - ¥15,000
Total approx. 50,000~130,000

Many international students who obtained the permission from Immigration Bureau have a part-time-job, but the pay is unable to cover all living expenses.


Most international students live in the Shinshu University International House or apartments(contract as an individual)near Shinshu University. For more details, please refer to Student Life.