Scholarships Offered by Private Organizations

Shinshu University receives application notices from about 60 private organizations throughout the year.


1. how to apply

There are two ways to apply for the Privately Financed International Student Scholarship.

(1) University Recommendation
The university recommends candidates selected through an internal selection process to the respective foundation.

(2) Direct application
Students themselves apply directly to each foundation.

2. application process

(1) University Recommendation
Please apply through the office of the faculty or graduate school to which you belong.

(2) Direct application
Students are required to apply directly to the foundation. Please refer to the "Notes on Scholarship Applications" for general information on how to apply.


3.Scholarship Information

・Scholarships range from 30,000 yen to 200,000 yen per month.
・Eligibility and number of applicants vary depending on the scholarship.
・Most of the application notices sent to universities are to be applied for after enrollment.
・Some foundations do not allow applicants to apply for scholarships in combination with other scholarships.
・Some foundations place more emphasis on Japanese language skills, such as essays and interviews.

Japanese website: Scholarship Information
Since most of the application guidelines from foundations are only available in Japanese, they are posted on the Japanese website only.

Be sure to check the detailed requirements for each scholarship.


4. contact for inquiries
For inquiries, please contact the office in charge of international students at your faculty/graduate school.