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Company Mitsubishi Chemical to seek distribution of CFSMC. November, 2022 MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL carbon fiber sheet, CFSMCs, car components, weight saving, weight saving material, cars View details
Company Kuraray to release surface-smoothing sheet for CFRP. November, 2022 KURARAY KURARAY surface-smoothing sheet, CFRP, carbon fibre reinforced plastics, CFRPs, phenoxy, thermoplastic epoxy, meltblown nonwovens, epoxy resins, car bodies, golf shafts, bike frames View details
Company Toray develops skin-friendly spunbond nonwoven. November, 2022 TORAY TORAY spunbond nonwoven, hydrophilic, disposable diapers, masks, sanitary protection View details
Company Toyobo to release formable nonwoven globally. November, 2022 TOYOBO TOYOBO formable nonwoven, polyester spunbond, polyester spunbond nonwoven, car insulators, interior, skin materials, ceiling materials View details
Company Unitika obtains STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. November, 2022 UNITIKA UNITIKA spunbond nonwovens View details
Company Toray develops 100% bio-based adipic acid. November, 2022 TORAY TORAY bio-based, adipic acid, nylon 66, polyamide 66, inedible biomass View details
Company Teijin Frontier to launch the world’s first tire cord using eco-friendly materials. November, 2022 TEIJIN TEIJIN eco-friendly materials, eco-friendly adhesives, polyester fibres, resorcin formaldehyde, RF, rubber reinforcing fibres, chemical recycling, recycled polyester fibres, reinforcing fibres View details
Company Asahi Kasei to use more recycled raw materials for their artificial leather products. November, 2022 ASAHI KASEI ASAHI KASEI recycled raw materials, artificial leather, super fine fibres, waterborne polyurethane, car interiors, eco-friendly material, reducing environmental impact, supply chain View details
Company Teijin Frontier unveils new recycling technology for coloured polyester fibres. November, 2022 TEIJIN TEIJIN recycling, polyester fibres, chemical recycling, dyes, catalysts, recycled coloured polyester fibres View details
Company Toray’s new filtration membrane for food and beverage sectors to reduce CO2 emissions. June, 2022 TORAY TORAY CO2 emission, CO2, fibre filtration membrane, enzymes, immune bodies, bioproduct View details
Company Unitika Trading’s CASTLON obtains permission to use BiomassPla logo. June, 2022 UNITIKA UNITIKA nylon 11, nylon 11 fibre, CASTLON, circular strategies, BiomassPla logo, BiomassPla View details
Company Teijin builds CO2 emission calculation method for carbon fibres. June, 2022 TEIJIN TEIJIN carbon fibre, CO2 emission, CO2, carbon fibre filaments, ISO, ISO14044, ISO14040, prepreg View details
Company Teijin Frontier develops CO2 emission calculation system for polyester fibres. June, 2022 TEIJIN TEIJIN polyester, polyester fibre, CO2 emission, CO2, life cycle assessment, life cycle View details
Company Toyobo develops new cushion material for mite control. June, 2022 TOYOBO TOYOBO mite control, air-permeable, mesh fabric, mite, bacteria, BREATHAIR View details
Company Kuraray Trading develops anti-slip fine fibre. June, 2022 KURARAY KURARAY anti-slip fine fibre, anti-slip fine, grippy, alkali with higher concentration, eco, CO2 View details
Company Asahi Kasei builds strategic partnership with US biotechnology company. June, 2022 ASAHI KASEI ASAHI KASEI bio-based, hexamethylenediamine, HDM, bio-based HMD, airbag, automotive View details
Company Toray develops nylon 510 fibre. June, 2022 TORAY TORAY nylon, biomass-based, biomass-based polymer materials, biomass-based, biomass, plant-derived, plant-derived polymer View details