Keynote lecture from Professor Mitsuo Takeda entitled “THz-TDS Principles and Devices”. The lecture was keenly heard by 43 attendees.

On 23rd May 2014 (Friday) the terahertz wave research kickoff lecture meeting was held at the AREC 4F Meeting Room of the Ueda Campus (number of attendees 43).After the opening address by Professor Takatera, Head of the Faculty, a keynote lecture was given by Professor Mitsuo Takeda, Head of the Faculty of Science entitled “THz-TDS Principles and Devices”.

Next, lectures were presented by Tadashi Okuno of Kyowa Fine Tech. Co. Ltd., entitled “Time Domain Terahertz Spectroscopic Analyzer, IZNAGY, and its Latest Development Status”, Professor Fumiaki Miyamaru of the Shinshu University Faculty of Science entitled “Latest Topics in THz Spectroscopic Analysis”, and Associate Professor Toshihiko Kiwa of the Graduate School of Division of Industrial Innovation Sciences, Okayama University entitled “New Developments in Terahertz Waves”. Expectations are high for application of terahertz waves to fiber products, such as determining the area of production of natural fibers, determining genuineness, etc., and also new methods of characterization of fiber materials. The Institute is starting initiatives on these issues.

There were many lively discussions at this research meeting. In addition to the wide range of applications, challenges in analysis is also expected which had been considered difficult until now.

After the lecture meeting there was a visit to the terahertz wave Spectroscopic Analyzer, IZNAGY, and an explanation meeting.