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  • Overview


Innovation of fiber and textile presenting advanced material used for various fields.

"Textiles and fibers" is the general term for materials characterized by being long and thin. Textiles and fibers are not used solely for apparel, but as leading-edge materials in a variety of fields including aircraft, automobiles, medicine, energy, environment, civil engineering and construction. IFES promotes creation of" frontier fibers" with various functions and capabilities, research into biological fibers and fibers for medical use through medical-engineering collaboration, and development of medical robots and control technologies. It is also engaged in creation of smart textiles with new functions by merging the fields of nanotechnology and nanofiber, and research aimed at creation of fashions for a world market of 7 billion people through technological innovations.

The Vision for Research

  • Research and development of nanofibers and next-generation fiber materials
  • Research and development of biological fibers and fibers for medical use
  • Research and development of composite materials and textiles with a sensing function
  • Kansei evaluation and design of textile products, and development of a fashion engineering-oriented analysis and design approach