On 26 July 2014, Shinshu University's Institute for Fiber Engineering was launched on the Shinshu University Ueda Campus.
 At the ceremony speeches were given by Mitsuo Takeda, trustee of Shinshu University ( Finance, Research, Graduate Schools), and Kunihiro Hamada, Vice Dean and Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research. These were followed by Masayuki Takatera, Director of the Institute for Fiber Engineering, and the heads of the four Research Divisions (Frontier Fibers, Biological and Medical Fibers, Smart Textiles, and Kansei and Fashion Engineering), and others, who introduced their research and described their visions for the future.
 A commemorative lecture entitled "The Future of Fiber Engineering" was presented by Professor Takeshi Kikutani, Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School and President of The Japanese Society of Fiber Science and Technology. This marked a major step for the development of next generation textile/fiber engineering, one of Shinshu University's leading research areas.

トピックス1.jpg Tape cutting ceremony