On 18th September Professor Chwee Teck Lim of National University of Singapore was invited to present a lecture entitled “Nanofiber Technology: Current Status & What's Next”. Professor Lim is the recipient of the first prize in the 2012 Asian Entrepreneurship Award and is highly respected throughout the world in the field of nanofibers. In particular in recent years he has been active in the application of nanofibers to the medical field.

The lecture was attended mainly by students of the leading program, as well as many of the teaching staff and researchers, and was described about the future of nanofiber technology. Also, after the lecture a reception was held for discussions with the leading program students. Professor Lim also visited the laboratories of nanofiber related experiments, and provided time for one point advice to the students undertaking the experiments.

Professor Chwee Teck Lim presenting the lecture

Professor Lim attends reception for mingling with the students after the lecture