The 6th IBS (Institute for Biomedical Sciences) International Symposium was held on January 18th, 2017, at the Shinshu University Matsumoto Campus in Japan. The event was held to commemorate the academic exchange agreement with Bio-X Institutes of Shanghai Jiao Tong University that was signed in December 2016.

Researchers in the fields of neuroscience and medical biology from several Shanghainese institutions visited Matsumoto and participated in the symposium as speakers. Excellent presentations were given by 4 Chinese experts, Professor Yuan Wang of East China Normal University, Professor Shigang He of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Yun Wang of Fudan University, and Professor Yuhong Xu of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, along with talks by 2 speakers from Shinshu University, Assistant Professor Yoshinori Shirai and Professor Katsuhiko Tabuchi. The presenters discussed broad topics in neuroscience, medical science, and pharmaceutical science, and engaged in active discussion with the audience. The event represented a positive first step towards future interactions.

The IBS of the Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research at Shinshu University and Bio-X Institutes will be continuing the exchange of such research endeavors in the future. The two groups are planning to convene periodic international symposiums to identify joint research seeds and promote academic exchange.

Dr. Yuan Wang (upper left), Dr. Shigang He (upper right), Dr. Yun Wang (lower left), Dr. Yuhong Xu (lower right)

During a presentation

Dr. Yoshinori Shirai (upper left), Dr. Katsuhiko Tabuchi (upper right), Professor Tatsuo Suzuki of IBS giving the opening address (lower left), Professor Weidong Li of Shanghai Jiao Tong University giving the closing address (lower right)

Group photo