Interval Walking Training (IWT) is a popular new method of exercise in which brisk walking and slow walking are repeated alternately for 3 minutes each. Researchers have recently discovered that the effects of IWT are enhanced when consuming milk products immediately afterwards. These results were featured nationwide by Japan’s NHK television network.

The team of Professor Hiroshi Nose and Associate Professor Shizue Masuki of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences conducted 5-month follow-up experiments on 37 female volunteers who had performed IWT for at least 6 months, grouping them into the IWT alone group, the IWT + low milk product intake following exercise group, and the IWT + high milk product intake following exercise group. The IWT + high milk product intake group increased muscle strength by an average of 8%, while the IWT alone group displayed no increase in muscle strength. The IWT + low milk product intake group showed intermediary results.
Regarding chronic inflammation, which is the primary cause of lifestyle-related diseases, the IWT + high milk product intake group displayed remarkable suppressions in NFKB1 (29%) and NFKB2 (44%) gene activation. These genes are known to provoke an inflammatory response. No such suppression was seen in the other groups.
“Milk products are popular and easily available for anyone, so you should consume milk products after exercise to prevent lifestyle-related diseases,” Professor Nose commented.

This study has been published in the Scientific Journal “PLOS ONE”.