Consultation & Support

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center is mainly responsible for the following matters:

・Tuition exemption
・Extracurricular activities, matters regarding gymnasium and residential facilities, student organizations, loaning of equipment, student volunteers, etc...
・Reissuing of student ID cards, student discounts, student certificates for commuting, student dormitories

Student Advisory Center

The Student Advisory Center provides various support and counseling to resolve any problems, including supports for persons with disabilities. Feel free to visit us if you have any matters of concern or stress.
Monday to Friday:8:30 am~ 5:15 pm

Center for Health Safety and Environmental Management

Healthcenterweb.jpgInternational students can sometimes become sick due to the stress caused by cultural differences (e.g. language, customs, food and so on). This center provides the following support services to help you have a healthy and enriching studentlife.
Please feel free to consult with the center's staff.

* website : Center for Health Safety and Environmental Management(Japanese version only)

1. Health Consultation
You can visit the center for various health problems such as headache, fever, stomachache, gynecological consultations, or mental problems.
We provide assistance from a professional standpoint to those who have physical or emotional concerns or problems.
 ・Confidentiality is protected.
 ・Consultation is free of charge.
 ・Referrals are made to other institutions if necessary for examination and treatment.
We recommend that you contact the staff of the center before the problem gets worse.

In general, appointments are necessary for health consultation service at the Center for Health, Safety, and Environmental Management. Please go to the reception desk directly or call the office for appointments.

Center for Health, Safety, and Environmental Management:
 TEL: 0263-37-2157
 Internal Medicine and Mental Health:Monday-Friday

Dermatology, Orthopedic surgery and Gynecology:
 Please ask at the reception desk of the Center for Health.

2. First Aid Treatment
You can receive first aid treatment at the Center from 8:30am to 5:00pm every weekday.


If you feel that you are being harassed and find it difficult, please talk to a harassment counselor. Depending on the nature of the consultation, counseling may be available at the Comprehensive Health and Safety Center.
※Confidentiality will be kept strictly confidential and no disadvantage will be caused.

  - You can find a counselor from ACSU's "Harassment Counselor".
  - Center for Global Education and Collaboration:
  - Student Counseling Center of each faculty