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Department of Engineering


This department fosters advanced engineers who take an interest in the harmony of science and technology with environmental conservation, and who can address interdisciplinary technology research and development and internationalization. This department also fosters leading human resources who have the research capability to develop interdisciplinary, leading science and technology in the energy composite materials field, and have an environment-oriented mindset.

Basic Engineering Division

Basic Faculty / Department

Faculty of Engineering

Philosophy and Goals

This department provides the education for cultivating a wide range of professional engineering knowledge and society-contributing creativity by taking advantage of individuality in a privileged natural environment and based on rich liberal arts and fundamental engineering knowledge, and contributes to nature conservation, improvement in the welfare of people, and development and activation of industry. This department also fosters human resources who not only contribute to human society by taking a deep interest in the harmony of science and technology with environmental conservation but also can address interdisciplinary technology research and development, and internationalization in an advanced information society.
This department provides the education for acquiring professional and interdisciplinary knowledge as well as fundamental academic ability, and for developing creativity and problem-pursuing capabilities. The human resources to be fostered will have engineering ethics for environmental conservation of the earth, etc., and have the action power and independent mindedness to contribute to various fields from an international viewpoint.

Target Human Resources and Their Capabilities

Target Human Resources

Advanced professionals with professional knowledge and ability in advanced engineering fields, and researchers with creative, superior research and development abilities
Human resources with advanced intellectual ability for supporting an environment-friendly society and knowledge-based society in various ways

Target Capabilities

International, creative research and development ability with wide knowledge and healthy ethics for contributing to realizing a sustainable society
Ability for solving problems beyond fields by using deep knowledge as well as advanced professional knowledge in fundamental and applicable research in the engineering fields
Ability to advance research up to constructive applications

Main Courses

Various company employees (steel industry, general machinery and tool industry, precision machinery and tool industry, electric machinery and tool industry, electronic part and device industry, information equipment industry, medical equipment industry, software industry, petroleum and coal product industry, chemical industry, chemical agent and drug industry, food industry, regional development industry, civil engineering, architecture industry, disaster prevention and recovery industry, environmental industry, light, heating, and water supply industry, transportation and communications industry, distribution industry, finance and insurance industry, service industry, etc.), medical institution employees, faculty members, public officers, and entering further education (graduate-school doctoral course)

Eligible Qualifications

  • Junior High School Specialized Teacher’s Certificate and High School Specialized Teacher’s Certificate (mathematics and science)
  • High School Specialized Teacher’s Certificate (industry and information)

Curriculum Policy

This department consists of the divisions of which the names are the same as the department names of the Faculty of Engineering. These divisions are the Materials Chemistry Division, Electrical and Computer Engineering Division, Water Environment and Civil Engineering Division, and Mechanical Systems Engineering Division, and Architecture Division. This department provides the education for fostering advanced engineers and researchers who can devise, research, and develop, by themselves, the products satisfying the needs of industries and regions.
This department provides the common subjects (for cultivating fundamental education related to science and engineering required for advanced professionals, researchers, etc.) and special subjects (consisting of lectures, exercises, and experiments utilizing the properties and characteristics of respective fields). Through these subjects, you will acquire advanced professional knowledge and practical techniques. The goal for you in special lectures is to acquire advanced professional knowledge in the department, based on the special education provided by the faculty. The goal in exercises and experiments is to acquire not only practical research capabilities but also research publication capabilities, presentation capabilities, and research management capabilities. Also acquiring and fostering internationality, etc., are important. At the final stage of these subjects, you will write a dissertation or research a particular subject for interpreting the 2-year results, and your result will be evaluated in a final test.

Diploma Policy

The department of engineering will grant degrees to students who have acquired the following knowledge and capabilities and the knowledge and capabilities satisfying the degree-granting policy determined for each field and unit, according to the graduate school and this department:

  1. Wide knowledge and healthy ethics suitable for a researcher or engineer for advancing science and technologies in the engineering fields/li>
  2. Advanced professional knowledge and practical technological capabilities for supporting environment-friendly societies and knowledge-based societies in various ways
  3. Advanced information collecting and analyzing capabilities for handling various problems, and global information disseminating capabilities
  4. Capability to theoretically and critically explain your own thinking and its validity according to professional knowledge

Admissions Policy

For admission policy, please see admissions page.
Admissions Policy