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Basic Engineering Division


Basic Engineering Division supports the fundamental activities of the Faculty of Engineering by providing a basic education in mathematics, physics, and English, by supporting the school life of international students, and by generally supporting industry-academia-government collaboration.

Basic Engineering Division addresses the following activities:
  ■Education and research of mathematics and physics supporting advanced industrial technologies
  ■Education and research of English for sending information to the world
  ■Support of studies and livelihood of international students from around the world
  ■Comprehensive support of regional industry-academia-government collaboration
and having members in charge of the mathematics class, applied physics class, English class, international students, and industry-academia-government collaboration.

Basic Engineering Division

Research of RF plasma for unraveling atomic and molecular processes in plasma

Basic Engineering Division

Research of galactic wind caused by explosive star formation in ultraluminous galaxy

Main Research Theme

  • Measure theory, vector measure theory, non-additive measure theory, and nonlinear integral theory
  • Operator theory, operator algebra theory, and quantum information theory
  • Spectral analysis of operators occurring in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, and its related research
  • Research of nonlinear partial differential equations by using real analysis techniques
  • Spectroscopic studies of atomic and molecular processes in nuclear fusion plasma
  • Development and application of nanosize magnetic materials
  • Development of atmospheric measurement system using laser light, and atmospheric measurement using the system
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