Research Fields

List of Fields

In the Faculty of Science, students are able to study physics, chemistry, biology and geology at a more in-depth level than just studying mathematics or science. We group these subjects under the term natural science.
Natural science is the study of and basic research into essential sciences and technologies in diverse areas of our daily lives, including the food production, mobile telephones and personal computers that are essential for living, the electric power stations that provide energy for that, the automobiles, trains and other means of transport that provide mobility to people and goods, and the solutions to increasingly problematic environmental issues.
Shinshu University Faculty of Science offers the following natural science subjects: Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science, which is based on these other subjects and studies the global natural environment.


The Department of Mathematics offers an extension to traditional mathematics courses, including a comprehensive study of physics, computers and other topics built around mathematics.


The Department of Physics aims to foster talented individuals, not just with a knowledge of physics but also with the ability to apply that knowledge to their unique ideas and fertile imagination.


The Department of Chemistry aims to foster talented individuals who can focus on the basics of chemistry while responding flexibly to new issues as they arise.


The Department of Geology carries out education and research on the Earth's history as recorded in minerals, rocks, the Earth's layers and fossils.


The Department of Biology aims to foster talented individuals able to contribute to the advancement of biology and to respond to a wide range of related social issues.

Environmental Science

The Department of Environmental Science aims to teach the cyclical nature of matter as the origin of environment change to aid understanding from a broad perspective.