We are surrounded by all kinds of matter, with a wide range of chemical phenomena always occurring. Through clarification and understanding of the properties of matter and chemical phenomena on atomic and molecular levels, through creation of new matter and discovery of unknown functionality, the study of chemistry contributes to the development of human society while maintaining a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment. It is also the foundation that supports the important 21st Century issues of nanotechnology and bioscience. The Department of Chemistry aims to foster talented individuals who can focus on the basics of chemistry while responding flexibly to new issues as they arise.
Our education catchphrase in this department is "chemistry of thought and experiment." We devote a lot of time to experiment and practical training, and master the fundamental experimental techniques through basic experiments from first year to third year. Fourth-year students are allocated to laboratories researching their areas of interest, and through individual instruction from teaching staff, they compete with graduate school students and their fellow students while carrying out cutting-edge research of chemistry. This way, they learn methods of research for tracking down and independently solving problems.

Teaching and Research Faculty

Jiye JIN
Jiye JIN SOAR Professor
Development of new electrogenerated chemiluminescence reaction fields for analytical applications
Developing Environmentally Friendly Techniques for Preconcentration and Detection of Trace Metals: The Use of Sonoprocess
Study on the development of dye-sensitized solar cell
Hirosuke TATSUMI
Hirosuke TATSUMI SOAR Professor
Kinetic study of glucoside hydrolases using amperometric biosensors
Ion transfer voltammetry of biomaterials at liquid|liquid interfaces
Sensitive detection of hydroxyl radical by enzyme electrodes
Polarography with carbon fluid electrodes
Fumiki TAKAHASHI Assistant Professor
Development of novel determination method for drug analysis based on electrochemiluminescence,
Kinetic study of pesticide degradation in enviromental matrix and development of sensitive detection techniques of pesticides
Hiroshi OHKI
Hiroshi OHKI SOAR Professor
Determination of Crystal Structure and Molecular Motions in Metal Complexes
complexes and their physical properties through the determination of their crystal structures and molecular motions
Atsushi ISHIKAWA SOAR Associate Professor
Ion exchange and related subjects
Akari TAKEUCHI SOAR Assistant Professor
Preparation of calcium phosphate ceramics from natural sources for biomedical or environmental application
Akira OHTA
Akira OHTA SOAR Professor
Design and Synthesis of Organic pi-Electronic Systems: Redox-active Organic Molecules, Redox-responsive Hosts, Molecular Switches
Taku SHOJI SOAR Associate Professor
Study on synthesis and reactivity of novel aromatic compounds and pai-electron systems,
Development of direct aryl-aryl cross-coupling reaction,
Construction of electrochromic materials composed by donor-acceptor molecules
Taku Iiyama
Taku Iiyama SOAR Professor
Investigation of molecular behavior in confined spaces,
Applying structural analysis such as XRD, ND, SAXS to the adsorbed phases,
Developing new measurement systems for porous materials using electrical feedback mechanism
Atom HAMASAKI SOAR Associate Professor
Science under high magnetic field, Preparation of carbon materials,
Time-resolved spectroscopy (photochemical reaction)
FUTAMURA Ryusuke SOAR Assistant Professor