The past decade or so has seen the majority of biology texts rewritten. The reason is the huge development biology has witnessed over this period, from molecular biology to community ecology. Entire base sequences for living organisms have already been determined, from humans to many other different species, so biology in the 21st Century is shaping up to enter yet another new era. As a result, modern society is facing a number of biological issues, from micro issues including gene therapy and transgenic crops to macro issues including global warming and biodiversity. The Department of Biology aims to foster talented individuals able to contribute to the advancement of biology and to respond to a wide range of related social issues.

Teaching and Research Faculty

Takao ITINO SOAR Professor
Plant genetic diversity and plant-pollinator interactions along altitudinal gradients,
Altitudinal flower size variation in bumblebee-pollinated herbaceous plants,
Inter-specific chemical signaling and deception in ant-aphid mutualisms,
Co-evolution of ants and the organisms living in ant nests,
Reciprocal interaction between eusocial aphids and specialist predators,
Evolutionary history of interactions between ant-plants and their symbiotic/parasitic insects,
Takahiro ASAMI
Takahiro ASAMI SOAR Professor
Developmental ecology for the animal rule of homochirality
Chemical ecology of sex phromones and premating isolation in hermaphrodites
Quantitative variation and adaptive evolutionof left-right asymmetry
Handedness coevolution and ecological speciation
Asymmetric hybridization between species and molecular phylogeography of introgression
Evolutionary ecology of mating behavior in enantiomorphic snails
Chiral dimorphism and evolution in tree snails
Mechanisms of developmental constraint against chiral evolution
Chiral variation and evolution
Reproductive isolation mechanism
Speciation mechanism
Koichi Takahashi
Koichi Takahashi SOAR Professor
Dynamics of boreal and temperate forests,
Plastic responses of crown architecture,
Invasion and adaptation of exotic plant species,
Altitudinal changes of vegetation and forest dynamics,
Treeline and timberline formation,
Effects of climatic changes on vegetation along altitudinal gradients,
Adaptation of plants to high altitudes
Koji TOJO SOAR Professor
Phylogeography of insects and other animals,
Comparative embryology and developmental biology of insects and other animals,
Systematics of insects and other animals,
Population genetics of insects and other animals,
Evolutionary ecology of insects and other animals,
The creating and maintaining system of biodiversity
Hiroyoshi KUBO
Hiroyoshi KUBO SOAR Professor
Functional analysis of plant transcription factors,
Molecular biology of plant secondary metabolism,
Photobiology of plant and fungi
Naoki SHIBATA SOAR Associate Professor
Kojiro Takanashi
Kojiro Takanashi SOAR Associate Professor
Symbiosis between legumes and rhizobia at high mountains,
Metabolic dynamics in legume nodules,
Biosynthesis and transport of secondary metabolites in medicinal plants
Shinji OGASAWARA SOAR Assistant Professor