Faculty of Science Outline

Message from the Dean

Invitation to join the Faculty of Science

Professor Takao Itino,
Dean, Shinshu University Faculty of Science

One of our students told me that, during the course of a corporate job interview for purposes of post-graduation employment, this question was posed: "In what ways will the efforts you've made at the Shinshu University Faculty of Science be of use to our company?" The student answered, "By learning to think in logical ways, I have cultivated the ability to handle all types of challenges. This will prove useful to your company and in many other areas."

One of our educational goals at the Faculty of Science is to cultivate graduates with critical thinking skills. The fostering of such skills, in fact, has become a major aim of wider university education in recent years. As shown by the above job interview response, our Faculty has served as a pioneer in this area, because our education system trains students who, after graduation, are able to utilize unique approaches to solve problems in various fields and situations.

The Faculty pursues research and studies to elucidate the marvelous phenomena of Mother Nature and learn everything possible about the true essence of all things. Due to the inherent characteristics of this approach, our research results may not be immediately useful in a practical sense; however, just as the discovery of electromagnetic waves eventually led to wireless communication, our research results hold the potential to later bring about revolutionary changes in society. This seems similar to what the above interviewee was trying to express.
Our website's "Faculty of Science Quest" page introduces visitors to a wide range of research underway at the Shinshu University Faculty of Science. With high school readers in mind, our teaching staff explain these research projects in easy-to-understand terms, conveying their messages for all to hear. We hope you will take a look at this page for yourself.
The Faculty of Science's learning environment is also exceptional. We are situated in the Shinshu region, a place filled with an abundance of natural blessings where students can feel at ease as they pursue their studies. Furthermore, enrollment limits for each department and course are kept small, enabling fewer students per teacher to achieve learning with better two-way communication. Students and teachers are able to forge close interpersonal ties, facilitating greater interactivity in lecture classes as well as in seminars, experiments and practical courses. During university-wide surveys, a high ratio of graduates have answered "Shinshu University Faculty of Science" in response to the question "If you were to enroll in university today, which university and faculty would you choose?" This can be attributed to the synergistic effect achieved by passionate teachers and enthusiastic, motivated students, which results from education centering around small class sizes.

To study is to change oneself as a person. I hope you will take on the challenge of rediscovering and remaking yourself at Shinshu University so that you, too, can have the unshakeable confidence that comes with acquiring university-level skills and knowledge.


The Faculty of Science is a place to probe intellectual inquisitiveness. Here we study in detail the large variety of phenomena in the natural world and from that pursue the laws that exist within it. In the Faculty of Science at Shinshu University, based on this scientific philosophy and that of the university, we aim to preserve Nagano's rich natural environment, its history and culture and the lives of the people. Through intellectual property and enterprise, we work to preserve the environment, improve public welfare and provide help in the fostering of industry. We are fostering young individuals able to understand, accept and live in harmony with the diverse nature, cultures and ideas in this world. While valuing individuality, we are cultivating people with a broad interdisciplinary perspective and flexible adaptability. We maintain responsibility for ensuring that the results of our research are used for the welfare of man, while not violating the sanctity of nature.


Based on both the philosophy of the Faculty of Science and that of Shinshu University, here at the Faculty of Science we hold as our purpose education, research, social contribution and international exchange.


We aim to foster talented individuals who are constantly intellectually inquisitive and questioning of all phenomena of the natural world. Not only do they hold a deep understanding of their specific field, these well-qualified individuals also respond flexibly to challenges outside their specialty. Their broad outlook and adaptability make them valuable members of society. By using the rich natural environment of Nagano as an educational resource, we strive to educate our successors who can contribute to scientific advance in harmony with nature.


Through unwavering intellectual curiosity and inquisitive minds, and using mathematical scientific theory, we work to closely investigate the laws that lie within the phenomena and their circumstances of the natural world. We aim to promote creative research that contributes to the advancement of sciences in harmony with nature and society, while enabling the sustainable development of human society. We continually present our accomplishments to the region and the world to build a research environment that enables the successors of the next generation of scientific development to progress into the future.

Social Contribution

We are aware of our role as the center of knowledge in the region and work for the preservation of the natural environment of Nagano Prefecture, sustaining people's living environment, the advancement of regional industry and involvement in lifelong learning. We actively contribute to making this an international and advanced information society through close cooperation with both the local community and people in associated fields, and we endeavor to open up the Faculty of Science at Shinshu University to society.

International Exchange

By utilizing Nagano's rich environmental, educational and research base, we cooperate with researchers from many countries and actively accept international students, working to fulfill our role as the center of Nagano's international exchange with the world.


Founded in 1919, Matsumoto Higher School became the Faculty of Arts and Science, Shinshu University under the new system, and then became the parent school for the Faculty of Science in April 1966, and was then reorganized in April 1995.
As the school for elementary natural science, the Faculty of Science now offers the six subjects of Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Biology and Environmental Science.
Through our research topics, we theoretically and experimentally draw on the laws that control the natural world and then investigate those laws at a greater depth. This is like faculties of science at other universities, but the Faculty of Science at Shinshu University has certain special characteristics associated with its geographical location. In other words, Nagano Prefecture is ideally situated to carry out experiments on the abundant nature in its mountains and bodies of water, to monitor cosmic and other radiation, and to cultivate a desire and willingness to search for the truth through close contact with nature.
Such elementary research into the field of nature is the key to the future of human society.