Shinshu University

Specific Initiatives

Operation and Implementation of the International Fiber Center

We will strategically implement our research projects on advanced fiber engineering under the strong leadership of the Shinshu University's President in order to execute our education, research, and academia-industry collaboration projects. Some of our initiatives include: "Implementation of independent research environments for young researchers" (International education center for young nano technology researchers) on the Special Coordination Funds to Promote Science and Technology, 2007_2010,Å@and "Establishment of advanced interdisciplinary innovation creative center" (Center for interdisciplinary collaboration on high functionality nano technology fibers) on the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology, 2007 _.
Moreover, we intend to extensively involve industry by using our domestic and international education and research networks as well as furthering our unique advanced and interdisciplinary research. As we produce world-class researchers and engineers under this organizational structure, we strive to become an international hub of education and research in the textile engineering field.