The visit with the President of Shinshu University showing (from the left) Prof. Hyyppä, Director Koskinen, President Yamasawa, and Director Katoh.

The Institute of Mountain Science (IMS) signed an academic cooperation memorandum of understanding with the Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI) last May. Subsequently, we held an international symposium titled “Excellent Laser-scanning Research for Forestry” on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

The IMS emphasizes research on three-dimensional laser scanning for remote sensing and encourages cross-studies between research departments. We invited Prof. Jarkko Koskinen, the director of FGI and a global leader in laser-scanning research, and Prof. Juha Hyyppä, who is a world-leader in terms of the number of cited papers in laser scanning (Web of Science). The two professors paid a courtesy visit to Prof. Yamasawa, President of Shinshu University, on January 19. We hoped that this would also promote cooperation in studying laser-sensing technology with Prof. Masato Katoh, the director of IMS.

The keynote speakers in the first session of the International Symposium on January 20 were Director Koskinen and Prof. Hyyppä. In the second session, Prof. Katoh’s team reported on specific international collaborative research with the FGI, participation in the European international laser field survey at EVO, in Finland, Terrestrial laser scanning analysis of Chosenia arbutifolia in Kamikochi, forest observation using radio-controlled helicopters, and Airborne laser-scanning(ALS) analysis of the Kiso Akazawa forest reserve.

The participants included students from Shinshu University, and individuals from forest survey companies, software companies, and research institutions, such as the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures, local governments, citizens and the media. The symposium ended on a positive note.In addition, on January 21, the members of Prof Katoh’s laboratory were treated to a 3-hour lecture on state-of-the-art laser research given by the two internationally recognized professors. They created a great impression with their lively talk on a variety of topics.

Prof. Hyyppä also offered to accept Shinshu University students in a technical exchange on laser research at FGI and the University of Helsinki.
The next day, we visited the Mt. Ontake eruption to analyze the topographic change and eruptive volume of ALS from the eruption. The weather was good and we were able to see the plume.

The IMS will focus on developing global research and human resources, taking advantage of the rich environmental features, surrounding mountains, many pleasant resorts, and sports facilities at Shinshu University.

Prof. Hyyppä in lecture

Speakers in the international symposium