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  • Overview


Elucidation of environmental change, prevent a disaster and reduce it, biological diversity through the mountains science.

The Institute of Mountain Science (IMS) is located in the Chubu region of central Japan. IMS conducts a large number of field surveys and research on alpine environmental conservation, climate, ecosystem, the earth's crustal changes, natural disaster prevention, and sustainable natural resource management in the Japanese Alps. IMS collaborates with research institutes and universities overseas and also with various fields of study in order to develop advanced methodologies and technologies to model and monitor the ecosystem and natural resources. IMS consists of six departments: International Mountain Cooperation Laboratory, Geomorphology, Geology and Disaster Prevention, Terrestrial Ecosystem, Atmospheric Environment & Aquatic Ecosystem and Forest Resource, which are aimed at conducting international research comparing alpine environments in Asia and around the world. In particular, IMS focuses on " the ecosystem, wild animals and plants in an alpine region"," hydrologic and atmospheric changes due to climate change","succession in plant and animal habitats"," cross-border pollution due to economic development in Asian countries", long-term climate and water quality change" and" geomorphology and geology related to mountain formation".

The Vision for Research

  • To establish the new research field of "Mountain Science" in Japan
  • To build an academic network in the Chubu region and to pursue collaborative research with mountain science societies worldwide
  • To solve issues regarding environmental change, natural disasters, and biodiversity
  • To lead international mountain science based on collaborative projects in various research fields, modeling techniques, and in the use of advanced remote sensing technologies