On Thursday, July 26, a joint Japanese–Korean seminar was held during theKim Research Laboratory run by Associate Professor Kim Ick Soo,
who works at the Shinshu University Institute for Fiber Engineering (IFES).This seminar combined students from the Structure and Property Group
run by Professor Seung Soon Im, a distinguished visiting professor at IFES'Division of Frontier Fibers hailing from South Korea's Hanyang
University,and students from the Nano Fusion Technology Research Group of Kim'sJapan-based research laboratory.

Before the seminar commenced, participants introduced themselves andchatted while enjoying Japanese bento meal sets.
During the seminar itself, students of both Kim's and Im's groups heldpresentations which fostered mutually deeper understanding
of the others'research fields.

Social exchange gathering before the joint Japanese-Korean seminar

A graduate student giving a presentation