Kyoto University hosted 3rd LifeScience Showcase event at San Diego on March 2, 2022 (JST), participating sixteen teams as the finalists, assigned to four technology categories as immunology and infectious diseases; medical devises; small molecules and oligonucleotides; and regenerative medicine.

AquaTeX Medical Inc (*1) received the Audience Award at the Showcase event, for the pitch presentation by Dr. Ichiro Yuki, the CEO of the company developing risk-free liquid embolic agents for treatments of neuro-vascular malformations (*4).

This award is to be given by realtime, online voting from the event audiences (*3), evaluating the technology impact and fundability of the pitch contents.

(*1) a Delaware C-corp to which Dr. Kousaku Ohkawa (*2) has been appointed as the CTO since 2020
(*2) Chair Professor & Chief Analyst, Division of Bibliometrics and Social Implementation, IFES
(*3) approximately 300 peoples online
(*4) intellectual property partly supported by IFES

Screenshot: (C) Kyoto University
Link to the event: (C) Kyoto University