Ms. Sohyun Bang giving a presentation

The Institute for Biomedical Sciences (IBS) recently had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Sohyun Bang, a PhD student of Seoul National University Professor and Distinguished Visiting Professor of the IBS Dr. Heebal Kim. Ms. Bang conducted research in Assistant Professor Shunsuke Suzuki’s lab for 2 weeks starting on July 17th, 2017. Professor Kim and Dr. Suzuki are currently collaborating on the genome function of tandemly repeated sequences specific to the human genome, in which Ms. Bang is an investigator.

In addition to her research, Ms. Bang discussed the status and future direction of her group during her stay. She also taught bioinformatics techniques to Dr. Suzuki’s team and communicated extensively with Professors and students alike. It was a mutually beneficial occasion for international research.

The IBS supports the exchange of students and junior researchers internationally to promote its global collaborative projects.

Teaching bioinformatics to a student

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