How to apply for a visa

Obtaining Visa

When you resides overseas, you must have a passport and "Student Visa" in order to newly enter Japan.

Visa Application flows
Receive a Letter of Acceptance
Shinshu University to apply for "Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)" for you
Shinshu University sends "CoE " to you(It usually takes 2-3 months until issuance after applying)
Apply for a student visa at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate
Reserve a flight ticket
Come to Japan

What is the "Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)"

CoE is a certificate prove your activities in Japan. It is issued by Ministry of Justice to persons with nationalities other than Japan who stay in Japan for more than 3 months. Shinshu University submits the required documents to the Immigration Bureau of Japan. Upon successful issue of the CoE, Shinshu University sends it to newly resided international students. CoE helps you to move forward the procedures smoothly such as applying for a visa and entering in Japan.

Shinshu University applies for CoE on behalf of the applicable newly international students, so you also need to prepare the documents for the application. Please follow the guidance as the staff in charge of the faculty / graduate school you plan to enroll when the staff contact you regarding this matter.

Please also refer to Things to do until Enrollment
If you are already in Japan and need the procedure for extending your period of stay,
Please see the Status of Residence.

Residence Card

A residence card will be issued to non-Japanese nationals stay as mid- to a long-term residents with a period of stay of over three months who have been granted residence-related permissions. If you enter Japan via Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai, Shinchitose, Hiroshima or Fukuoka International Airports, your residence card will be issued upon completion of the landing permission procedure. For those arriving at other airports, a seal of landing permission will be stamped in your passport with the statement "Residence Card will be issued at a later date". After you have completed the residence registration procedure at your municipality's office, your residence card will be sent to the registered address. The residence card must be carried all the times during your stay in Japan. Please make sure that you have it on your person when going outside.