Leaving Japan

Leaving Japan

Pre-departure Checklist

At Shinshu University

  • Complete departure procedures at the Academic Affairs Office of your faculty/graduate school or at GEC.
  • Return your Co-op membership card and collect your deposit money.
  • If you are borrowing books from the library, return them before leaving Japan.
  • Return your Student ID Card.
  • If you want to take or send the results of research conducted at Shinshu University, such as materials, research data, samples and equipment outside Japan, you must consult with your supervisor and obtain permission from an export control manager of your faculty/graduate school.


  • Those who live in an apartment should inform the housing manager, landlord or real estate agent at least 1 month before the moving date. Those who live in Matsumoto / Nagano International House should inform GEC / the Academic Affairs Office of the Faculty of Engineering at least 2 weeks before their departure date.
  • Pay utility bills (electricity, gas, water, telephone) and request each office to stop using them.
  • If you have a mobile phone or use an internet service, cancel the contract and settle your account.

At the City Hall

  • You can carry out the procedures 2 weeks before your flight to your home country.
  • Submit moving-out notification
  • Cancel your National Health Insurance membership, return the card and settle your account several days before your departure. ( Please bring your ①Residence Card, ②Passport, ③ National Health Insurance Card, and ④ booking confirmation of flight/e-ticket, and ⑤"My Number " Notification Card or Individual Number Card with you to the city hall.)

At the Bank/ Japan Post Bank

  • You might wish to cancel your bank/Japan Post Bank account if you are no longer using it to make payments or to receive income. However, if you plan to return to Japan in the future, it may be better to keep your account.

"My Number" Notification Card and Individual Number Card

  • Be careful not to discard the "My Number" Notification Card and Individual Number Card. Those cards will be required when you come back to Japan to enter a graduate school or to work in a company for long-term basis in the future. Therefore, please bring them back to your home country with you and keep them carefully.

At the Airport

  • Keep your Residence Card with your passport, because you will be required to return it at the immigration desk.