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Doctoral dissertation guidelines and documents
*The linked web page is written in Japanese. Please use your browser's translation tool to check the contents. (English versions of the guidelines and forms are available on the webpage.)
Doctoral dissertations in recent times are archived at Shinshu University Institutional Repository.
The website for APRIN e-Learning Program "eAPRIN". The study of these educational materials helps students acquire the ethical perspective and knowledge required for conducting research.
Shinshu University's syllabus search system. Year-long or semester goals, content, instructors, textbooks and reference materials, and grading methods are posted here.
Center offering support to students at Shinshu University. Information on student life, such as tuition, scholarships, various certificates, dormitory and apartment referrals, facility use and extracurricular activities, student consultation services, etc. is posted here.
Shinshu University's career support center. Information regarding employment, such as joint company briefing sessions, employment counseling, and employment guidance is posted here.
At the Graduate School Human Resource Development Center, we help train the future workforce to be business-minded and have a broad perspective through two types of internship programs. In addition, we have a support system consisting of a consultation and support desk for those considering independent internships. If you are interested in an internship, please visit the center.
The website for the Graduate School of Science and Technology. Information on the Matsumoto campus is also posted here.
The website for the School of Medicine. Information on the Matsumoto campus is also posted here.
The website for the Faculty of Science. Information on the Matsumoto campus is also posted here.
The website for the Faculty of Engineering. Information on the Nagano (Engineering) campus is also posted here.
The website for the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology. Information on the Ueda campus is also posted here.
The website for the Faculty of Agriculture. Information on the Ina campus is also posted here.
The Global Education Center provides support for the promotion of global education at Shinshu University and students who wish to study abroad. In addition to providing information to international students who wish to study abroad at Shinshu University, we implement Japanese education, etc. for international students and formulate international exchange policies, etc.
A 5-year combined master's/dctoratal program. Students enroll in the Graduate School of Science and Technology (master's program) and Graduate School of Engineering (doctoral program) and select a course from among the fields of energy, water, or foodstuff and acquire highly specialized and broad knowledge that reaches beyond the framework of the specialty, the ability to apply skills, and an international perspective.
The fellowship program seeks to certify talented and motivated doctoral program students with the potential to fuel future innovation in science and technology as fellowship recipients and to provide an environment in which they can focus on research by offering a stipend to help cover living expenses and other support.
Shinshu University Next-generation Advanced Human Resources/Local Leader Development Program.
It is a training program for doctoral human resources who can design the future society and challenge problem-solving research.
It Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING)program of JST from the 2021 academic year.
The webpage for the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science's Research Fellowship for Young Scientists. The Research Fellowship for Young Scientists is a scholarship awarded to outstanding doctoral students. Some students apply while still enrolled in a master's program. Please visit the website for details.