Admission Capacity

Department Admission Capacity Program
Department of Medical Sciences
・Medical Science Division
・Health Science Division
48 Doctor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
・Biotechnology Division
・Biomedical Engineering Division
15 Doctor
Department of Science and Technology
・Textile Technology Division
・Energy and Systems Engineering Division
・Materials Science and Engineering Division
・Mountain and Environmental Science Division
・Biological and Agricultural Sciences Division
・Mathematical and Social Systems Science Division
38 Doctor

New Student Entrance Exam Schedule

Each division holds their own entrance examination.
Please note that different departments may have different schedules and applicant guidelines.
Detailed information about entrance examinations or applicant guidelines are on the entrance examination information pages of each department.
Please refer to the specific page.

Admissions Information_Department of Medical Sciences

Admissions Information_Department of Science and Technology

Admissions Information_Department of Biomedical Engineering