Seeking to Cultivate the Future
Workforce of Doctors in
Medicine, Science and Engineering


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VISION We have reframed our doctoral courses in accordance with the following goals in order to resolve certain current issues and better meet the needs of society.

  • 1In order to cultivate a future workforce in the field of biomedical engineering, a field that supports the medical and welfare industries of Japan’s super-aging society, we have established a doctoral course in biomedical engineering as a natural progression of study after completing the newly established master's program in biomedical engineering.
  • 2To establish a connection between the doctoral course and the Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research
  • 3In order to cultivate comprehensive understanding, insight, and the ability to apply one's skills, we have formulated a curriculum that allows all students in the graduate program and the major to achieve a specified level of proficiency.