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2015.04.10 / ENGLISH

About our project(2015.4.10)

Spin device technology center, SDTC, is a virtual institute in Shinshu University, Japan. There are about twenty reseachers whose region of interest is magnetics. Magnetic energy harvesting project in Shinshu university is the first spin-off project from this virtual institute. The key technologies of our project are:

1) Magnetic flux concentration,

2) Suppression of eddy current loss,

3) Composit materials to enhance the wavelength shortening effect,

4) AC/DC converter with CMOS circuit design.

Magnetic field is a reusable energy source to be used for both energy harvesting and wireless power transmission applications. From a human effects perspective, ICNIRP2010 provides a guideline for acceptable electromagnetic field level. In this project, "environmental magnetic field" means this acceptable magnetic field level. The main purpose of this project is to provide both of "self-generating parts" and "killer applications" using environmental magnetic fields. The motivation of magnetic energy harvesting is:

1. To use environmental magnetic field for both power and information (e.g. current transformer without any battery),

2. Generating environmental magnetic field to desired area for both energy harvesting and wireless power transmission.

Because the target frequency range of environmental magnetic field is ... I will write more, later.