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Approach for Environment

In Shinshu University, Faculty of Engineering first acquired the international environmental standard ISO14001 certification in May 2001. By now, all of the five main campuses also acquired the certification. On March 2006, the university settled "Shinshu Univertisy Environmental Policy" , and each section of the university is working on contribution to environmental preservation and improvement based on this policy.

Shinshu Universtiy Library is carrying on the environmental activities below.

Environment related materials search

  • You can search environment related materials from the collection of Shinshu University Library.
  • In addition to keyword search, you can choose from general theme such as "global warming", "ozone layer", "environment law". It is good for one who are to learn about environment.
  • The materials found there are available by visiting the holding library or using interlibrary loan service at your nearest public library with no charge.

Exhibition of environmental books

  • The exhibition is held at Central Library every year since 2007. Environment related books are displayed in one place at the same time. This shows that environment related books extends in various fields.
  • All citizens are able to visit the exhibition and borrow books.

Rachel Carlson Exhibition

  • The exhibition was held in 2008 together with the exhibition of environmental books, introducing Rachel Carlson, the author of "Silent Spring", the first book attracted people's attention to environmental problem, and her works. Co-operated with Japan Rachel Carlson Council, various picture panels and 50 titles of the books including biography and relevant materials were displayed.
  • Because of its popularity in Shinshu University, the exhibition was also held at Seisen Jogakuin College Library in January 2009. And also, the exhibition was held at all other library of Shinshu University. In June 2010, we co-sponcered the exhibition held at Shimosuwa Town Library.
  • We are lending panels for wishing libraries and groups. Please contact Central Library Service Group for detail.
    • Rachel Carlson picture for display 8pcs
    • Interpretation panel (laminated) 19pcs
Rachel Carlson Exhibition

Environmental Symposium

  • On Novenber 7th, 2009, Symposium "Environmental Proposal from Shinshu -- Cooperation of University and Region for the Low Carbon Society" was held inviting panelists from inside and outside the university. You can see the details from link below.
  • First part of film show
  • Second part Symposium (only Japanese)

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