Shinshu University Library Shinshu University Library

Our Principles and Goals


As to achieve Shinshu University's principles, Shinshu University Library will proceed on "Student's study support", "Provision of academic information", "Accumulation and transmission of people's intellectual activities", "International exchange" "Promotion of culture based on regional society".
Moreover, making use of the characteristics of special libraries located on 5 campuses across Nagano prefecture, we aim to be an appropriate library for the unique and attractive regional hub university.


  • Assistance of Knowledge (Study support)
    We build library collection supporting self study and career education and provide users' space and environment capable for various intellectual activity and studying patterns to develop fertile creativity, humanity and sociality of our students.
  • Base of Knowledge (Academic information infrastructure improvement)
    We always understand the users' needs in education and research, and systematically build collection of academic information and materials in all form to develop advanced education and research environment.
  • Dissemination of Knowledge (Education and research activities accumulation and transmitting)
    We collect, accumulate and disseminate our university's advanced result of education and research via Shinshu university Online system of Academic Resources (SOAR).
  • International exchange of Knowledge (International exchange)
    We enrich resources and services for students and researchers from foreign countries and those who are taking off from Shinshu University to the world.
  • Provisioin of Knowledge (Regional contribution)
    We positively make region cooperation and aim to be a library based on regional society to promote regional culture.
  • Accumulation of knowledge (Profession)
    Our campus libraries provide integrated service by cooperating each other and making use of their characteristics of special libraries.

Established on Nov. 17th, 2010, reported at the education and research council.