On 16 March, 2021, Institute for Mountain Science (IMS) at Shinshu University signed an agreement on collaboration and cooperation with Japan Forestry Agency.

The purpose of the agreement is to contribute to the promotion of Japanese science and the fulfillment of the multifunctional roles of forests, including environmental conservation, as well as the local community. They are to collaborate and cooperate in research education and technological development on forests and mountains. The agreement has been extended after five years since the first one.

IMS has conducted research and education in the national forests in Kamikochi and Norikura area, named “Shinshu University Academic Forests,” and the collaboration with the Middle Nagano Forest Management Office, which manages national forests, has been developing mutual research and fostering human resources.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the signing ceremony was held at the Director Nishikawa’s room at the Middle Nagano Forest Management Office, attended by 6 people including him, the IMS Director Fujita, and the Deputy Izumiyama.


       IMS Director Fujita (right) and Director Nishikawa of the Middle Nagano Forest Management Office, having the agreement.