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Tuition Exemption

Undergraduates and graduate students with excellent academic records and who are in need of financial assistance are eligible to be considered for exemptions from between half the tuition fee and the whole amount. Applications for tuition exemption are evaluated by the university. Please check the deadline on the bulletin boards and the "Campus Information" section of the University website.

International students may not always be successful in their applications for tuition exemption. Therefore, students should prepare sufficient funds for studying in Japan and manage their money carefully. Tuition exemption is not granted to research students, auditing students or credited auditors.

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Scholarship Information

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Main Scholarships for Privately Financed Students

Name of Organization and ScholarshipEligibility / RequirementsMonthly Amount (Yen)Recruit-ment Period
Academic StatusNationalityOthers
Inter-exchange Association, Japan (Koryukyokai) Scholarship Graduate student Taiwanese All majors Residents of Japan MA Course:
Ph.D. Course :
From Aug. to Oct.
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Honors Scholarship Undergraduate,
Graduate student,
Research student
Any All majors 48,000 From Apr. to May
Mitsubishi Trading Co. Scholarship for International Students Undergraduate,
Graduate student
Any All majors Undergraduate:
Graduate student:
From late Nov. to mid-Jan.
Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation 3rd or 4th year Undergraduate
(Medical School 5th or 6th year)
1st or 2nd year Master student, 2nd or 3rd year Doctor student
(Medical 3rd or 4th year doctor student)
Any All majors Undergraduate:
Graduate student:
From mid-Aug. to early Oct.
Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Scholarship for International Students Undergraduate,
Graduate student
Any All majors Undergraduate:
Graduate student:
From early Sep. to mid-Oct.
Epson International Scholarship Graduate student Any Sciences &
100,000 From Nov. to Dec.
Kyoritsu International Exchange Foundation Undergraduate,
Graduate student
Asian All majors Undergraduate, Graduate:
60,000 or 100,000
From Dec. to mid-Jan.
Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation Undergraduate,
Graduate student
ASEAN members, East Timor, and South Asia All majors Undergraduate:
Graduate student:
Twice a year June & Dec.
SGH Foundation 3rd year undergraduate(Medical School 5th year)
1st year master student,
2nd year doctor student(Medical 3rd year doctor student)
ASEAN members All majors 120,000 From early Feb. to early April.
Korean Scholarship Foundation Undergraduate,
Graduate student
Korean or South Korean All majors Permanent residents should apply directly Undergraduate:
MA Course:
Ph.D. Course:
From late Feb. to mid-Apr.
Kaneko Hachiro Trust Scholarship Foundation Undergraduate(1st year),
Master(1st year)
Any All majors
(Students who wish to enter the professions related to technical development)
800,000/year From Feb. to late Apr.
Hachijuni Bank Scholarship for International Students Students who will enter Graduate Schools Any All majors 100,000 From Dec. to Feb.

Shinshu University CHINOMORI Scholarship (CHINOMORI : The Forest of Intellectual Resources for Sustainable Tomorrow)

The CHINOMORI scholarship supports Shinshu Universtiy students to study abroad and international students to study in Shinshu University.